$650 Build

Hey guys, 

I'm building a computer for my older brother as a Christmas present. I have been telling him all about the wonderous world of PC gaming and he is getting a bit jealous. 

Here is the build:


Any suggestions would be welcome and if you can get it below $650 without sacrificing performance  or quality then go for it!



Also I need some more thermal paste. My Arctic Silver just ran out. So if anyone has any suggestions on some more that would helpful. (Like better or cheaper paste. If no one answers I'm just gonna buy the same again.)

You have a really good build, I'd only get the CM Hyper 212 evo instead for $5 more, you can proibably cool an extra degree or two and it's just $5 more. Otherwise really good build :)

Yeah, I switched it. I just noticed. I must have hit that one by mistake haha