£650-£700 Gaming PC

Hello guys I want to build the best gaming PC I can for £650-£700. No peripherals or OS are needed. 

I would also prefer it to be M-ATX but if there is a really good combo I would go ATX. 

Please respond soon. Thanks

Consider this £700 build:


No after market heatsink, only 4GB of RAM. However, those can be added later, for a low cost.

Looks really good with the 4690k and R9 290 but I dont think I will be able to upgrade for around 2 years or more so I would need the aftermarket CPU cooler and 8GB of RAM. 

I have made this. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/YnTTpg

Also another option would be changing to the i5 4690k and R9 280x.

Looks fine. An aftermarket and an extra stick of RAM will only cost £50, altogether. But the AMD processor works just as well. If you are happy with an ATX form factor, then stick with the 8320 and the 290.

Its just that I have seen a lot of videos on Youtube where the AMD CPU's are falling behind by quite a distance. Only Logan's videos supports the AMD CPU's. I don't know whether it will be a good choice.