60TB Storage solution for 5975wx video editing

Hi All,

I am trying to find a solution for consolidating video data from 8 different HDDs (of varying sizes and ages) across to one neat solution. Combined total volume 45.5TB.

At the time these initial HDDs were in use, we did not have a windows workstation. It was a mix of mac and windows laptops and this has happened over the last five years.

I anticipate that our total need for storage will be 60TB by the end of 2023. At this time we can expand again as we will have clear direction on total volume required.

Our workstation is:
AMD 5975WX | 256GB 2Rx8 LP ECC | Asus WRX80e | 2x 3090 | 3x Samsung 980 | EVGA 2000w | Corsair 7000D

I have a spare Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4 card.

It is used for 3D animation in Blender, general graphics design and now video editing in Adobe Premier Pro, AE & DaVinci Resolve. Currently the workstation is using 3x nvme drives for 2TB OS, 1TB Scratch and 2TB Media. The Media drive was always planned to be grown out of as the need arises and now the time is here in a bit of a rush.

I estimate our largest projects may currently be an hour long 4K Canon RAW Light but this will change in the future. Sorry I can’t access drives to see the file sizes and I can’t recall what project sizes may have been.

We don’t have unlimited budget but I can work towards a more complete system if we can just get part one nailed. The data will need to be backed up in a seperate machine / location. I don’t have a plan for this either at the moment and can either start with this online in cold storage or figure something.

My thoughts are below but I know they are pretty basic, any help would be great!

  1. 4x 20TB HDD’s connected to AMD WRX80 Chipset 4xSATA 6Gb/s ports in Raid 5 or 6 inside the PC case.

  2. Or, the same as above but connected to the ASMedia ASM1061 Controller on the motherboard.

  3. Or some type of DAS

  4. I can upgrade to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard and get unlimited storage for $160NZD per month for our users. This has a daily transfer limit of 750GB and will be slow on our 1000 down /500 up internet connection. I can get 20 months of this for the price of 4x20TB HDDs which appears to be expensive but it may be a fast fix.

Given the motherboard has 4x SATA ports for the WRX80 chipset, or 4x SATA ports on the ASM1061, I don’t understand if I can grow the array to more than 4 ports total because this would be split across both controllers. Does this work, is it advisable?

As an aside, the current 2TB 980 nvme drive is destined to be replaced with a 4TB 990 nvme when they are released, or, I could use the ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4 card that I have spare. Although I am hesitant to use this due to the complexity and possible lack of reliability this may lead to.

I’m open to all suggestions and would really appreciate some ideas across different budget levels :slight_smile:

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