£600 gaming pc

Hi guys,

This is going to be my first build, I've saved up £500 and I want to save up a little bit more money for more performance. What do you guys think of this build? Any better ideas? I want it to be upgradable and preferably have an over-clockable i5.




(From the UK)

I would get two sticks of vengeance (2x4gb) so you can use dual channel memory. Also i would go for a caviar blue hard drive (only £2 more on amazon). The PSU is overkill, but for that price it's hard to argue.


Sweet build man, good luck.

You whont be doing any overclocking on a H77 Motherboard you will be whanting a Z77 mobo with that cpu

(especially if you haven't got an aftermarket cpu cooler)



Here's a system that would allow for decent performance and the opportunity for overclocking as well. Please note, I have NOT included a cooling fan, as it's entirely up to you as to what you like. I enjoy Noctua D14's, but they're big and expensive. I know for a fact you can get decent coolers that let you overclock a fair amount for around £30 so have a look. Otherwise, it has the suggested upgrades (WD Caviar Blue 1TB, dual channel memory, Z77 board). Also note, the current board does NOT support SLI. Not an issue, as you've currently chosen an AMD card which uses Crossfire, but there is an alternate board for about £20 extra with both Crossfire and SLI support.

Otherwise, enjoy, and best of luck.


^ H77 vs Z77.

Dual channel ram > single channel RAM

EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B has 4 +12V rails, which indicates that components inside are going to be cheaply made.  It's also overkill for this system, which can only really use one GPU.

Hitachi Ultrastars have a high failure rate.

At this budget, I would highly recommend you go to the AMD platform.


If you had more money, you could probably fit a 120gb ssd in there.