$600 - $650 Dollar Gaming PC Build

I've been looking to build a custom gaming pc for about 2 months and it's probably the best time to build one now. My budget is $600 - $650. I've done a build on PCPartPicker and it cost about $630 dollars with mail-in rebates.

I've already got a 160gb hardrive at home that i'm going to use at first but I will get another hard drive probably a month down the track or later. I would like to play BO2 max settings on 1600x900 and Skyrim, BF3, Crysis 2, AC3 and other games. I just want some to go over the build and see if there's some better alternatives and cheaper ones. Thanks to anyone who can help! Much appreciated! :)


Here's the link - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/oYjJ   

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