60 hz monitor refresh time

is it true that a 60hz monitor will have a 16 ms response time even if the pixels had a 0 ms delay (on a normal lcd monitor)

sorry if the wording isnt the greatest, but i need to confirm this for someone

here is another way to word it but separated out a little bit

60 hz monitor

pixeles on monitor change instantly

how long will it take for the picture to update (16ms?)

Im not sure what EXACTLY you mean but here goes

AFAIK 60hz is 1 full redraw of screen 60 times per second.  response time is how long in ms before the pixel changes color (or refeshes) after the command to refresh is given.

So lets say you have a 60hz screen with a 5ms response time.  Every second 60 screens are drawn with the delay between pixel change being 5ms.  The response time in ms is not connected to the refresh rate.  Even at 120hz the response time will be the same.

Bearing in mind that I could be totaly wrong :)

No, thats true. The responce time is how lon git takes from the signal to get from your PC, to displaying on the monitor. The refresh rate is hw many times a second that the screen flashes. They arent really connected.

i get that, but the time between when the pixels update is what im talking about