5820K safe at 1.35V?

Hello, I've overclocked my 5820K to 4.5GhZ at a voltage of 1.350. This is my personal system for day-to-day use, so I was wondering if it was a safe voltage to go with for this frequency. My temperatures are in the mid 40s C - while at load, it goes to about 65 C. I ran Realbench and it kept giving me errors until I raised the voltage to 1.350. I'm using the Corsair h105 AIO, for cooling.

those temps are great so i assume its safe.

you could try 4.5Ghz at 1.3V and look if your system is still stable. asfar as i have seen, most 5820K´s overclocking guides show a 5820k on 4.5Ghz arround 1.3V. so i assume you could give it a try.

Still your temps are totaly fine. so its safe to use.

Hey Guys, (or Gals for that matter)

I am in a similar boat I can bump my 5820k to 4.62hgz (125 x 37) with 1.32v at around 60c to 65c on a waterloop.

I was wanting to get a good indication of how far I can push it on a ongoing basis.

Are temps of 80c acceptable ? as I am think of push my cpu to 1.4v or 1.45v

Thanks in advance for any recommendations


Most CPU's can hit an upwards of 80C or 90C and still be okay. I'm not sure what the maximum temp a 5820k can handle but as a rule of thumb I like to keep things no higher than 80C-85C. More often than not though, your CPU becomes unstable when pushed that far. I have mine 5820k at 4.5 @ 1.295V. The temps reach about high 60s under full load on my NZXT Kraken X61. If I push it any further it starts to crash. You generally run out of chip strength before you hit thermal throttling. At least with liquid cooling.


Your temps look fine, keep pushin' it

Great reply thx Ethereal.

Soundlike you a kittle bit better on the silicon lottery. I will keep pushing