5820k/6800k or wait for zen?

Alright so I've been having a hard time thinking about what I should do here. I'm really needing a better CPU than my FX8350. It's not that it's a bad CPU it's just I know there's better and a lot of my software really needs the CPU horsepower. Plus the 8350 does bottleneck my GTX1080. I guess my question is, should I wait for Zen or grab a 5820k/6800k? I don't know how Zen would price out either since I don't really wanna kill myself getting a CPU/Mobo for $600+.

Since everything is working fine you should wait for Zen, and then make up your mind. At least that's what I'd do.

The question is can you wait a few moe months.

If you absolutely cannot then go get the Intel. But if you wait there is the possibility of better performance per dollar/euro/pound when zen comes. Failing that zen should have an effect in the price of Intel parts lower them a little.

For me I would wait as there is only to gain from it. As for your I know there is better that never stops being true. If you go Intel now they will release a new line soon enough and there will again be better, there is also the outside chance that zen will give Intel a run for their money.

So it all comes down to how long you can wait.

Do we know anything about pricing?


Edit: but you can make an educated guess. What ever performance level they come out with, still an unknown for the complete range, you can be reasonably sure they will not be far off Intel matching performance pricing. It would be crazy to release a part twice as slow for the same price as something twice as fast.

So they might be a little more expensive, more than likely knowing AMD they will be a little cheaper to try and undercut. But either way Intel will have a response. Either a new line of chips, then the old ones go down in price, or a price cut on the current ones.

wait for zen, even if you don't buy it. Intel will lower their prices to counter amd. Again its worth to wait.

At the very least, you should wait for the Black Friday/Cyber Mondays sales.

As for prices, we won't know how Zen will affect pricing until it actually hits. I think there are predictions as to the price, as of now.

Well obviously if you buy an i7 with an expensive motherboard. You could always go cheaper on the motherboard while also cheaping on the cpu if you want.

If you want change now then no don't wait.

Now it doesn't "have" to be the top line chip of the recent generations but it should include a quad core of 3+ ghz at minimum.

Well I could use more cores for my audio software. Right now it eats away at all 8 (cores) on my 8350 because I have so many plugins running at the same time. I really would rather have a least 6 cores.

Right now it's pretty difficult to buy a 5820k/6800k with a decent mobo for under $600.

I'll probably just keep waiting for Zen though.

In my opinion and experience never wait for something unless it's coming it really soon. Otherwise there will be something else announced and you'll feel you have to wait for that. Both those CPUs are killer and will serve you fantastically.


No don't do this.

Go with i7 then, although which generation you pick is up to you. Price doesn't matter in that regard, but which DDR does.

I would definitely wait for Zen if possible. Things should get more interesting after that.