5760 x 1080

So I finally got my work desk into my office and I setup everything.  Whew!  Intense.  Note: 7870 Ghz overclocked will not run BF4 in full 5760 x 1080 at Ultra Maxed out settings.  High with AA off does work.  Time for a R9 290 or 290x...

I am not sure why this is a blog, but this is what I've found so far. It is the closest thing to a 5760x1080 benchmark available so far (that I've found). Should give you an idea of what you need to get things playable.


You might as well buy a 7990

These benchmarks are not right you have a 650ti boost beating a 7870 (only in your dreams) then the same card (270x) is 4 cards higher even tho it's exactly the same card renamed.....

And you have a 7790 beating a hd7850? what retarded site was this from?

I run bf4 at max settings, which is msaa x4, mind you, with 2 7970's. I'm playing at 5040x1050.

My framerates are 43 up to 70.

Dear God.

That 7990 either sux balls, or the CPU of that system is a bottleneck, or its drivers are from a long time ago in history.


So yes, Cooper. Yes.

Edit: I just realised a 4k resolution does pack more pixels than my eyefinity one. I'm not really sure how it should perform on 4k though, I do not have a 4k screen "lying around" :p

I would just pick up another 7870 tbh

Saving up for a 290.

The 4k benchmarks are a bit unique as that is a massive amount of pixels and the arrangement of the pixes does matter somewhat. Anyway, that benchmark came from guru3d (one of the few sites to have benchmarks for BF4 as of yet). The results for 1200p are more typical, so chill, you guys. Things get a bit weird at 4k. I was just throwing that up to give him some idea of the power needed for that many pixels.


Alright, so 290 when overclocked will perform closely to a 290x, hmm.  Sounds good to me. 400.00 hmm, not bad. Waiting for 3rd party.

Yeah I responded too soon. 4k is truly something special.

Also this chart makes perfect sense to me.



sorry but that is far to high averages frame rate for a hd 7950 because mine  7950 on high stetings will get around 50 frames whit a 1920x1080 res ?

It is all within margin of error. I'm assuming it's the VRAM that's the bottleneck and a 1 frame difference doesn't imply superiority. Maybe in the 650 ti boost benchmark they died more and spent more time looking at the menu screen, or were in a different part of the map. (same goes for 7790)