550W enough for r9 380?

hey ive just won a xfx r9 380 at the amd Vlan and im wondering if a 550W psu is enough to power it i have a fx 4130 but if it isnt ill sell my r9 270 and buy a bigger psu

Yeah it's enough. When you decide to get maybe a R9-390 or maybe something in the future with the 400 series then consider a 650W PSU. but right now you're more than fine.

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Congrats on your win!

Should be just fine, assuming its a quality PSU, and if you don't have a ton of hard drives.

My wife's PC is is an FX-4100 with a 380x, powered by a Rosewill 80+ Bronze 450w and it runs just fine.

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nice glad to hear :D
@Rango cheers :D its a xfx ts 550W psu so not a bad one

Even with a ton of hard drives it should still be fine, most power supplies are rated for the main rail and have additional power for things like hard drives etc.

It's fine... In the reviews, the entire system with 380 and 8core intel CPU draws 350W, so 550 will be more than enough even for an overclock...

227W max consumption, for 380X... More than enough...

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Seasonic built power supply. Very nice quality. You should have no issues.