$550 (US) build for a friend

I'm building a gaming PC for a friend, he doesn't really know what he wants (this will be his first desktop PC.) He has a budget of $550, and I get to keep whatever is leftover when I'm done

I have a 750w power supply, an old Razor Naga mouse, and a few fans that I'm giving him (that's what the leftover money is going to pay for)

here is my initial thoughts on a build for him: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2sgio

I'm actually going to take the 6350 from that and put it in my PC and give him my 6100, so Take about $40 off the price for that

So, what would you guys do to improve this build for him? He's not going to overclock (at least for now) so I don't think an aftermarket heatsink is entirely necessary, but let me know what you guys think.

EDIT: forgot to mention, I have my PCPartpicker account set to only show prices from newegg and amazon. Not sure how much that changes the price though. Also forgot to list currency, US dollars.


So for this build I would go with the FM2+ platform.  It's upgradeable to Kevari in the future.  The CPU is still very good for the price.  And I also threw in an aftermarket cooler just for silence and even if you do want to overclock, the option is there.  The Define R4 is a very nice case, but if we cut down the cost of the case we could fit better components.  The R9 270 will blow the 7770 away in gaming.  I also have 8GB of ram which will keep up in the demand of games in the future.  The case I chose isn't entirely bad.  It's actually really good.  Micro atx too so it's small.  And since it's fractal design your getting some quality stuff.  

This looks good, it removes my cpu upgrade, and doesn't leave me with much to compensate for the power supply and mouse, but it does look like a good build. I'll have to ask him what he prefers. 


Also, the 270 is out of stock  :/

God damn litcoin miners... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161404 here's one in stock.  The R9 270 is basically a 7870.  I have a 7870 in my system and it runs like a beast!  


That's putting him pretty close to his limit. but I may just pick that up and put it in my system, and he can use my 7850 until he gets money for a better card :)


This is my submission to give you in intel option