550 Ti Not detected :(

Hi guys, I recentley installed a ASUS GTX 550 Ti in my friends HP computer. It defaults at onboard Intel graphics, but I want to use the 550 TI. Im pretty sure everything is connected properly, the card is snug, and the PCI-E connecter is connected. Windows does not detect it, and there is no PCI options in the bios. 



HP p6-2110

PSU: Corsair CX430

GPU: Asus GTX 550 Ti

CPU: Intel Pentium G640

RAM: 8gb Crucial Ballistix



Just make sure that you have the required drivers installed. Get the latest one online! Hope this helped!

try to disable intergrated oriniy display first is set to PCI-E or PEG, and after you do that plug the Monitor cable into the GPU before Booting, if it doesn't work, and now you have no display, just unplug the computer, take out the bios battery and hold the power button for 7 seconds, reset the time and sata settings