50KB/S Download Speeds on EA Origin?!?!


      So I just got my Crysis 3 code from the "never settle reloaded" deal from AMD, and when I try to download it from Origin i'm only getting about 50-100KB/S on the download speed! This is waaayyy under what i usually get.           (2-3MB/S) So i'm wondering if i'm the only one to experience this sort of crap from Origin. I downloaded "Blacklight Retribution" on steam to test my speeds on that, and they were exactly what I normally get. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Is there even a way to fix it? Or are EA's servers just shit? (That would probably be first guess)

Thanks a lot

Big Big Ron

Its just because its Origin. Ive never had anything downlaod at a decent speed so i dont use them anymore.

Really? Surely there must be something wrong? It says it's gonna take 92 hours to download. Origin can't be serious about offerening a service this shit. 


Yep had the same thing happen when i got my 7950.

took about 5 days to download, and when i went to do an install I got an error! Deleted the local files and did the download again took about 3 days this time and the install worked too.

Yeah, I go through this...except for me, it's an everyday thing.  Usually stays around 50 kB/s or less.  Shitty ISP.

It's alright lads, it's fixed! I deleted a proxy in my Firefox settings, just like the guy off of yahoo answers said to do.Turns out he was a genius.....