500 Watt PSU enough for 2 7770's?

I just posted about running 2 psu's, anyways do you think this system would be fine on a 500 watt psu?

A-10 6800k -cpu

F2A85 PRO -motherboard

8gb of DDR3 -memory

2 Radeon Hd 7770's -gpu

1 optical drive (i forget what brand it is)

1 500gb  hard drive

I have one 7770 but am getting one in the next couple of days from a friend. Just wondering if I have to get a new PSU to handle both of them. Thanks in advance!

IT would run but you would be pushing it. You probley want 650 for that.

WAT? Please educate yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiWThqgFfI4


500W's is more than enuff power HD7770's barely use 90w's each at max useage.

^^^^^ This guy is right

get a psu that has 30+ amps on 12v rail to be safe. what 500watt do you have now or looking at?



Thank you !

So you think I'd be totally fine?