$500 Gaming PC List

Please include An OS in the list (can be Linux). Please do not include accessories in the list. Optical drive is optional. Please make sure the list is $500 not any other currency.

UPDATE: Please include windows. The resolution of my monitor is 1440x900
Games I will be playing: CS GO, Stranded Deep, The Escapists, FTL, Just Cause two, BeamNG.drive, Apotheon, and gmod possibly
How I will play them: Medium to high, or in between those two, settings.

with or without GPU?


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  • Windows Vista

can i have the $500 now

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Bro we need the basics
what do you play
how do you play it (resolution, settings)

get windows here

This build with Linux is the best u can get, in the future u can buy a CPU cooler and overclock =D

I made a couple changes to your build. made the RAM TWO sticks of 4GB (to utilize dual channe), and then for $10+, you can get the 1TB Blue drive.


In gaming you're not going to see a performance increase for having a dual channel setup, which arguably makes the single channel option better if it's going to be a gaming machine (future upgradeability). Here's an older thread on the topic.

Is 500 dolarinos an absolute cutoff? because 30$ more can make a difference. let me know!

https://pcpartpicker.com/user/leosky/saved/#view=76fG3C This is what I'd pick. The pentium is amazing at overclocking (watch the guide by Linustechtips, he gets it at 4.7), and you wanna spend as much as you can on the gpu if you're gonna use the system for gaming purposes. If 500 is a strict limit just get the 280.

true, but it is only $6 more, and dual channel does make a difference in rendering and even in compression. if it were me, i would get the dual-channel kit. hell, you can get some G-skill Ares 1600MHz for only $2 (when did RAM start dropping again? lol. i paid $67 for my 8GB kit of Kingston HyperX Savage 1866MHz CAS-9)

you are overlooking one thing..... you will need an aftermarket cooler to get those speeds :P

Unfortunately its a dual core and there are now game out that will flat out not even start without a quad core (far cry 4 cod)
The pentium is ok if you whant something cheap to oc for fun it dosent have much lastablty as a gameing cpu.
The build posted by @Weston is looking the best yet

oopsie daisy https://pcpartpicker.com/user/leosky/saved/#view=76fG3C here ya go
@cooperman I dont know about that, watch linus's guide, it says the opposite. ubisoft game, cod... nothing of value is lost

there ya go ;)

also... i wonder which one would be better....
Intel G3258
AMD Athlon X4 860K

i will have to invoke the power of GOOGLE to see if there are any articles or videos with stats pitting them against one another. There is currently only a $10 difference.Continuing the discussion from $500 Gaming PC List:Continuing the discussion from $500 Gaming PC List:

This will start to be a growing trend with all the new 'next gen' port overs http://www.pcper.com/news/Processors/Far-Cry-4-Does-Not-Support-Dual-Core-Processors-Budget-Landscape-Shifting
And i have allready seen the pentum fail badly in games that are core hungery such as crysis.
Unfortunately (and about time) dual core's are going the way of the dodo

With GPU, metatronaut

I made an update for you, kewdude007