$500 Build

Hello I need a PC Gaming computer I would like an AMD build.

Price range is $500 USD

I live in the Dallas, Texas

Preferred Retailer: None.

I already have an OS picked out for it[Add in ($15)]. Needs CD Drive, Wireless card also, Screen (Preferable 21.5 -23 inch), 

Gaming Desktop.

No overclock or tubes.

General Gaming

This will be the third time I have built a PC.

Also 1TB HD.

AMD APU I think would be better with this price range. Any questions please feel free to ask.


No watercooling.

Heres a pair of options.

AMD w gpu:


AMD with APU



The rig with the GPU will be much stronger.  Both builds only have a 19 in monitor as that's what i could squeeze in the rig.