500-650w PSU for a GTX760 and 1055t

Hi guys, i'm upgrading my pc (current specs and chosen upgrade parts below), i was almost certain about getting a Corsair RM650 when i started to read all the stories of corsair rm series being overpriced, faulty and generally not the best to drive a gaming system for hours and hours at high load.

So, here is my question: Which PSU would you recomend for haevy gaming?

I'm from Poland so i'm not able to get any psu on the market and also prices may vary. I will shop from Polish shop Agito.pl and my budget is 400 zł (~$120). I would like it to be at least semi-modular.


My current specs:
MSI 770-45c

Modecom Carbon MC530

Phenom II x6 2,8Ghz 1055t

Radeon HD5770 1gb

ADATA 2x2GB 1600

Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM

Tracer Tornado (cheap chinese case with basically no air flow)


Parts i'm planning to buy in this upgrade (links to Polish shop i will be buying from):

Corsair 230t case

Asus M5A97 R2.0

CM 212 evo Cooler

Crucial mx100 128gb SSD

MSI GTX 760 Graphics card

I think that 500W would be pushing it a bit fine, especially if you do any overclocking. But you'd easily be safe with a 650W PSU even if you upgraded even further in the future.

This is a good option just over your budget http://www.agito.pl/zasilacz-corsair-rm-650w-80plus-gold-221-889362.html

This option is a little under budget but just as good http://www.agito.pl/zasilacz-cooler-master-v650s-650w-80-gold-221-966856.html

And how about this one, should it be ok? How does this In-Win stacks against psus you posted?



@edit: It seems like i can't find the list of cables that this psu comes with and their lengths, could you help me with that?