5.25 drive bay adaptor for 2x laptop optical drives

as per title, i have 2x laptop slimline tray loading blu ray drives kicking around,

a little while back i was goggling about and found a 5.25 drive adapter that would take both,

now i want to order all i can find is 1 optical and 1 2.5 hdd adapters, can anyone put me to a link for the thing i need please?

they exist i know this i have seen them but cannot now find one for the life of me

also i need an adaptor to use a laptop wifi card in either pci or pcie slot for my backtrack and kali linux as the average desktop wifi card doesnt have the ability to go into promiscuous mode, as before ive seen them but cannot now find now i want to order, and i know that this is the place to ask because community 

thanx popeye

All I could find with the 15 or so seconds that I spent looking:


I found this doing an image search

theyre the things im after thanx muchly, for some reason there seems to be no one in the uk with these things, so i shall have to keep looking but as i said thanx for your time and help ;)