4u Rackmount for Watercooling

Long time listener, first time poster to the community. I could really use some help picking a liquid cooled 4u chassis.

I’ve decided to convert my stack of mid-towers and mac mini’s under my desk to a more organized solution.

I have a render server that has a custom water cooled solution that I would like to migrate to a 4u chassis. I’ve done some googling, youtube searches, and forum reading and come up with a couple of options. I’ve found these two so far…

  • Silverstone RM42-502
  • Alphacool ES 4U

Is there anything else out there, besides the Rosewill everyone used for awhile, that I’m missing?


The 401 ATX and 401 SBC both have 2x120mm fans up front with filters.

So does the Rosewill

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