4k120 HDR with Club3d CAC-1087

Hi folks! I have the following path to an LG C2 TV:

NVIDIA 3XXX DisplayPort out → L1T 1.4 Display Port KVM Switch - Triple Monitor - Two Computer → DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 to LG C2 TV

I’m using all Club3D cables. Specially the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is where I’m falling face first. The adapter is the CAC-1087

When I go direct from the GPU to my computer this cable works perfectly. When I go through the KVM, nothing. The same happens with the Club3D CAC-1085 which is an active converter.

In recent releases of NVIDIA drivers the CAC-1085 wasn’t working due to firmware issues. I think about 3 months ago this was fixed and adapter works flawlessly now.

On the product page for the CAC-1085, Club3D says:

  • Please update your TV Firmware to the version which supports these resolutions/refresh rates !
    ** Please update your Graphic drivers on your PC and make sure that DSC1.2 is supported on your devices to support the these resolutions/refresh rates!

I’ve read Wendell’s posts here that the KVM is basically one long cable, doesn’t do any repeating, and that this should be an issue at the KVM. At this point, where could the issue be? The “one” cable is too long? The DisplayPort to KVM cable is Club3D’s 3ft cable, so the total is about 13’.

To save typing, I refer you to another post I made on this topic.

  • (click the little down arrow in the post to see the whole thing). - there’s a video included here from Wendel on this exact topic which may help as well.

I have had problems with KVM’s in the past myself, it turned out the KVM I was using did not have the proper switching technology to handle the devices I was using. The primary problem with KVM’s in particular - tends to be related to changes in the HDMI standard over time, if the KVM is older, it may not capable of handling connections using the new standards.

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