4k Monitors and DP 1.4

G'day Gents,

Thought i would throw it up for discussion what peoples thoughts were now that we're starting to see DP 1.4 on the new GTX 1080.

Discussion topic:
If you're not someone who updates monitors every 5 minutes, but more commonly once after several years of loyal service. Would you go for something like the korean monitors with DP 1.2 in the current market? Or wait to see what happens with DP 1.4 options and how long they may take to come around through the market?

Side Topic:
Anyone aware of any decent monitors at about the 40" - 43" size, 4k 60hz, 1080p 120hz ballpark? the WM UHD420 seems to be exactly that but isn't available anymore, is the UHD430 the same feature package? [Australia]

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I'd love to see an 8k 40 inch panel, so I can have the screen estate of 4k and an increased sharpness factor. Hopefully with the ability for [email protected]/[email protected] as well for gaming.

If by chance any monitor manufacturer is reading this then please make it happen? XD

Everything I've seen suggests that the WM UHD430 has all the same features as the UHD420.

But for those with patience and the cash to upgrade graphics card along with monitor, it's worth waiting for the DP1.4 monitors so we can get [email protected] and/or 4k HDR.