4K for $4k



The objective is NOT to see how cheap you could build a 4k rig. I want to see what you would buy if you had a $4,000 budget for a gaming/content creation rig. Repeat, I KNOW IT COULD BE CHEAPER.


1. cannot exceed $4,000 including shipping (no rebates allowed)

2. Must include 4k Monitor, mouse, and keyboard

3. All parts must be purchased, no leftovers from old builds


decided to have a go at it, and since i'm mostly a cpu-heavy person i tossed more money at the cpu, and went for a single gpu (still hate SLI) 

for peripherals i stay a logitech person, and the monitor, well... i dont know a lot about monitors and just picked one.

Nice. I knew someone would go for an X chipset.


I would do this if I went X99

What are you going to use for content acquisition at 4K?

You can get a Panasonic GH4 for around $1,700 (body only) or a Panasonic LX100 for around $900. The GH4 would give you more options down the line in terms of lenses, but the LX100 is cheaper, smaller and doesn't look like a pro camera so would be great for just keeping it in your bag or a large jacket pocket. You'd need to get a lens for the GH4 as well, so that would push the price up further.

Panasonic GH4:


Panasonic LX100:


If you're going to be gaming on a 4k go for the Geforce 980...

How does this look?


+1 to NJM1112's build and advice.  The only thing I would change for sure would be ram.  It stands out like a sore thumb.  There a plenty of good memory manyufactures that have Black Memory.  Such as G.Skill.  Good deal and not too flashy.  


Because speed sucks, why would we have an SSD?

You'll never know the difference between it and a hard drive,

just like how Australians will never know the difference between NBN / not NBN




the 5820k is a very good work horse for the money and will do well in everything, also it's overclockable with that asus board and will stay cool with the D15

Ram is subjective but I choose ADATA because I trust them more and some of the other brands and they're cheaper than some brands i trust more. But ram is ram so choose what company you like more and what has the lowest price. 16GB should be right but if you need 32GB a second kit in the future will work because this leave ram slots aviable.

Use the 256GB ssd as your boot drive and enjoy your less then 7second boot times.

Throw the 3 3TB drives into a 6TB raid5 array either using the mobo's hardware or windows software raid. This will give you 2/3rds the storage of total capacity and allow for one drive to fail without losing all your data, If you run a software raid through windows you can add drives to the array at any timeI personally run this array and I don't have any issues with it. I get about 100MB/s write and 240MB/s read speeds

Because of SMX units and memory bandwidth the 980s perform much better at higher resolutions than 970s, even though they're close to the same performance at 1080p. Not to mention they're STRIX cards so they'll run extremely quiet.

The RM will also run silent until a heavy load is put on it, the 850 is probably a little bit overkill but it will allow you to add another 980 down the line should you want to, AND the higher the wattage rating the higher the threshold for the fan to spin up is.

Case is subjective, just make sure it fits 3x(+) hard drives and 1x(+) ssd.

I carried over your mouse&keyboard because these are very subjective. Personally for a keyboard I'd look towards DUCKY, I've used their keyboard because and their build quality is EPIC.

I was about to bash your comment because clearly you've never used an ssd, then I saw your username,... Well played Mr. Abbot, Well played.

I like that build NJM1112, if I had the money I would go for that build. Except maybesome  corsiar or gskill ram.

Bro if i had $4000 i would buy your build! XD

i tend to keep away from SSDs because for me its a choice between a massive ssd, or no ssd at all.

currently everything that i'd put on an SSD is split into 2 partitions, both well over 200GB filled, and at that point its not worth the money compared to a HDD anymore.

one day i'm gonna buy an SSD, but thats not now.

I guarantee SSDs are fine for c drive, programs. If you get a second 240gbish ssd you can put most of your games on it. Then all you need is a cheap 1 - 3tb hdd for all your files. Thats how I am running my system.