4K Editing PC + Media Storage RAID

Hello guys,

I am João and I've just finished my Bachelors in Cinema and Audiovisuals.  I am completely unaware of the computer requirements to deal with the new standard of digital movie making.

I am starting my own production house, where we are going to deal with 4K videos (compressed and RAW), Cinema4D projects in 2K, Colour Grad in 4k and, at last, making music and Post production of sound for movies (we might be mixing "normal" music as well)

The thing is, to be able to work those areas at such a high quality demandings, we need to have a really great processing power.

My question is "how?". Of course we want to spend as little as we can but we want to build a "future proof" rig, by other words, we want to build something that overall is going to be able to keep us doing our job in good conditions, and getting upgrades (to be up to date) as tech move further and brings better solutions. The important thing is to have a really great "core" to do this kind of work.

The media management is something that annoyes us. We have been working our asses of with a "shitty rig" where we have 2 1TB external usb3.0 for each job, but the thing is, it get really slow, and when working on tight schedules, it is really exaustive to get things done.

I don't know much about the "RAID" systems, but we are now going to have a major work with a feature and we were adviced that we are going to be dealling with "CINEMADNG" footage, so, we will need a 30 to 50 TB media management space.  

I don't know either, if I can "join" pcs and make a super pc! Really a noob in this computational world!! =S

Can, please, someone advice me in this matter? I really need help with this issues. 

Thank you very much!! 

This is a very specialist requirement and it may be a good idea to talk to a professional system builder website or even consult a media company on their systems? However I respect that you will likely need to have low costs so I would recommend building a plan. I am assuming you will need many computers for different people, so I would recommend something along the lines of:

sets of 4K screens (Dell or Asus)

A High storage NAS box connected to your computers by ethernet or thunderbolt

Computers with high end GPU's - possibly Quttro's or titans and Xeon processors with large memory modules - 64Gb. Also high capacity ssd's or hardrive running RAID 10 maybe...

Honestly it is very difficult and will have a large up front cost. It maybe a good idea looking at mac's for creative work or pro-grade computers. I didn't even get onto any sound equipment. I just hope someone else is more help than me.



I see... I might have to spend a lot of time doing this research!! 

There is one problem, the IT services are a lot expensive, and, the one I found in my town, offer a full service for 2 years (this is part of the contract), but you have to pay for that, and it isnt cheap!! 

When I watch videos of production houses, I always see a lot of MACPROS togheter, like a dozen of them, and people at their desk, only have 2 or 3 monitors.

Dont really have a clue. The most important thing in here is that  i have to pull of a great choice to grant the best value for € possible.

Dont even know if I should go with a ATI or Nvidia GPU...  That is how bad I am at this things!

It is not easy, unless you have someone who understands your exact situation. Another option may be to use Macbook pro's possibly with external hard drives. It would be cheaper and you would have fantastic support from Apple. The external hardrives would allow you to move large amounts of data from computer to computer. Do not worry about ATI/AMD and NVIDIA both offer high end solutions.

I wish you good luck.

didn't Logan and Wendall do a Mac pro equivalent recently?  had dual xeons?

Yea, you could look at workstations similar to these: