4k 43 inch tv vs "gaming" monitor

My 27inch 144hz monitor died so back to using my 15inch laptop screen , its fine but I do miss the larger screen estate .
a few days ago I decided to plug my laptop into my Girlfriends 43inch 4k tv and omg it looked amazing !! so it got me thinking maybe I should grab one!!.
But I better get advise in here first.

Is there any reason not to get a tv over a monitor?

A few things about my pc habits, I dont play fps games, I don’t care if my game cant hit 60fps… just as long as its smooth and looks good, only web browsing I do is watching YouTube vids.
I do all my editing of documents, shopping and other web related task on a ipad mini.

Short answer is My pc is just a over powered console that boots directly into big picture mode on steam.

Considering everything you have said… No I would not think a TV would be any worse than a Monitor.

That’s said, try to see if the TV you want has a PC mode, generally that cuts out all the image processing TVs do, like frame smoothing, colour and contrast adjustments and so on, and reduces input latency as a result. It just passes the PC image straight shrough to the display and does not mess with it in between.


Input latency is a big issue on a lot of TVs. I would do the research there to verify you can deal with it long term.


Big one for OLED is for productivity, the light level is inconsistent and there’s huge risk of burn in.

Cheaper models also use pentile pixel layout to reach 4K, so you have a screen door effect on the pixels.

Oh, and it can track you.

Did this as an experiment, used a 43" 4K TCL TV as a monitor. It works, and it still use it occasionally, but there are limitations. First, at normal monitor / desktop distance, the screen is too tall for range of vision. Developed the habit putting much used windows only in the lower 2/3. Also the viewing angle is too narrow when that close. Curiously, this TV in PC mode offers poor performance showing video (from the computer).

So … usable but not great. Good enough for limited use. Also cheap at ~$250.

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