4870 X2 or GTX 295

well, the 4870's are cheaper by about $100, is the 295 really worth that extra hundred? the screen im using is a 32 inch tv that runs at 120hz and is 1080p

GTX 295.


GTX295 aint worth it over an HD4870X2. Check reviews online and see what will fit you best, but mostly the GTX295 will give you like 120 frames per second when the HD4870X2 gives you 100 or even 110 as an example, you will still be able to play anything you trow at it for 100 bucks less. Use that money for a game you want to play and get an HD4870X2 and even save up 60 dollars....

id much rather have the gtx295... but a few fps isnt really worth 100 dollars more.

Depends on your chipset: Intel or AMD -->4870x2
Nvidia--->maybe the 295
X58-->4870x2 (because it's cheaper and generally performs better on Intel chipsets)

4870 X2 gets my vote.
I have it, I love it, I play with it!

someone was telliong me that the 4870 is noisy and puts off alot of heat... anyone who has it want to clarify?

I have an HD4870 and yea it runs hot, but they say it should be able to handle a top of 120 Degrees Celcius... Altough I get a driver crash when mine reaches 80-90 degrees. When I play a game I turn up the fan to 35% which is very noticable, I mean its loud, but if you focus on your game it fades away... Then it stays under 70 degrees. When idle I have it on 26% and its still a bit loud and the most noisy part of my computer..., but temps stay under 70 as well. The HD4870X2 is about the same... since it has the same type of cooling system. The Stock fan settings of the HD4870 is aimed at keeping it under 90, but it doesnt to if in an efficiënt way. It just blows extremely loud for around 5 to 10 seconds then it goes down to a point you cant hear it and then when it reaches the top it does it again...

But then again last year that card had so much power for the money comparing to other cards you couldnt go wrong with it, I'm still very happy with it.

i have the 4870x2 and when im not playing games i have the fan set at 35% via a hot key....the card will reach about 50-60degrees on the first core and 10 degrees cooler on the second

when in games i set the fan to 60% via a hotkey and at full load the card will reach a max of about 60-70 degrees which for an ATI card is quite reasonable.....

If you have the money get a 295 otherwise make the sensible decision and get a 4870x2 and spend the money on a game or hard drive or something.... just my thoughts

My 4870 X2 automatically changes the fan speed so i dunt need to manually do it.
When idle its at 25% and about 60C
In load it goes to like 50-70% (not sure beacuse havent checked it while in-game)

I used to leave it in auto mode till i started monitoring the temps on my second screen and i noticed it would let the gpu get to 80-90 degrees before it would kick in and increase the fan momentarily which is way too high for my liking but then again each card is different and has different threshholds.........if you really wanna keep it cool go water cool it then you will never have to worry its what im considering doing just so i dont hear the fan

Heat problems?.. My 3870X2 is overclocked from 750core/1800memory to 878/1910 with the fan speed at 30 and i'm idling at 41c and load at 67c.. I'm so proud of my little Radeon.I say 4850X2 cheif, but that's just my call.

well, im cinda noobish when it comes to high end computers, i have never used a liquid cooler, how often do you have to add more coolent to it? and it it just water or is it something special like anti freeze?

Dude, you won't need any of these cards! For a 1080p, you'll need an EVGA GTX 285 2GB RAM edition! And if you have a SLI-ready motherboard (do not get ATi, then!*), you should really get it, for sooner SLI!
As the guys @ Nvidia SLI-zone forums says: "GTX 295 is a great card... if you don't have a SLI-ready motherboard!"

That's my advice, and knowledge from Nvidia-users... hope it's usefull.

*Nvidia motherboards + ATi = Â (don't even try it...)

Go with the GTX 295.

they thread was 13 days old..... but whatever... i think im going to go with the two 4890's because im planing on going AMD. but im not building it until i see what new chip AMD is coming out with to match the i5.

The 4850 x2 is an AWSOME value card, but will fall short on games that don't support Crossfire.

for 2560 x 1600 the most powerful card has to be the one recommended.

My vote ~

GTX 295

yea, i have two 4890's coming in.... sadly my MB only has 1 PCI x16, so the 2nd card will be running at 95%. but still i will have HOLY S*** fps.

whoever recommends a 4870x2 over the 295 is out of there mind.