4770K and Corsair H100i stock temps


I just recently built an ITX rig and I'm reviewing my CPU temps. It seems like my temps are a tad high from what I was expecting.  I was hoping to get at least 28c. I have 4 radiator fans in a Push Pull config. These fans are all running at 2300 rpm along with the H100i pump. My ambient room temp is 25c. CPU voltage is 1.075. Below are the stock temps I am getting. Would you guys consider this normal?


core 1: 32-36c

core 2: 30-34c

core 3: 29-34c

core 4: 32-36c



Prime 95 stress test

core 1: 48-50c

core 2: 46-50c

core 3: 48-51c

core 4: 48-50c

The temps that you're getting are fairly normal for your setup. Just look at reviews for the h100i using a similar setup and compare the delta temps to yours.

temps dont look abnormal bad to me, 25 C is an warm room temp, Hasswell normaly run´s a bit hotter then ivybridge or even as AMD FX8350. prime95 is by the way not the best tool to stress test your cpu. 

Would you recommend ADIA64?

Those temps look great, really - can't complain with a CLC.

Prime95 calls for more voltage than specified by your BIOS or UEFI, which makes it a terrible gauge of stability and temps. [email protected] is a great way for both CPU and GPU, on Winderp and Linux, but OCCT with 90% memory is just going to hand your CPU its ass on a silver platter, on Windows.

yes i would ☺