410£ Gaming pc

Hey guys I am helping a friend of mine choosing some parts to build a new pc for him, this were the that we choose so far:



GPU: 270X 2GB shapire


RAM: 8GB HyperX 1333mhz


PSU: EVGA 500B 500W 80+


Motherboard: Asus M5A97


Hard drive: 500GB WD (This is all the storage needed)


Case: Zalman



We prefer to get everything from Amazon, the case we decided to go to a physical shop because its cheaper and close to us.


My biggest doubt in this build is if there is going to be the need to update the bios of the motherboard to run the 6300 and also the 270X, I found in some other forum posts that some motherboards need some bios updates for both of these components.

Also make any suggestions you guys might have that will improve the system

Maybe an r9 280 would be worth it if you can stretch your budget, how soon are you building this because the gtx 800 series might be worth considering and also the r9 300 series? Other than that its a solid build but I am worried that the fx 6300 will bottle neck the gpu, but maybe an 8320 or 8350 could be considered but you will need a better mother board and a better cooler for the build to be worth paying the premiums for the overclocking abilities, if you let me know the budget maybe an intel build might be worth your time.

I was worried about a bottleneck too however I did a search and i did find the same combo of CPU and GPU and it looked like there were no bottlenecks i found a few videos and posts in forums about these two components even tough most of the time i found it paired with an MSI 270, the 270X sapphire is cheaper than that one on Amazon UK. The parts for this pc will be ordered on Monday. This system will probably end up being upgraded in the future with a CPU cooler and some extra ram. But the guy that is going to use this pc doesn't want "EXTREME" stuff he is a console guy that wants to play some pc games that his current one cant handle.

Jackfrags on YouTube built a gaming rig with amd 6300 and sapphire r9 270x and It ran well

I had my fx6300 paired with the most powerful 270X the    power color devil. Ran fine never once came close to bottle necking. I now have a fx8320 and most games didn't gain any fps except a few heavy games by 1-5 fps. A fx6300 will handle a 280 just fine. A regular 270x will also play nearly all new games at highest settings 1080p.

Thank you guys for the info i guess that helps with some of the doubts that i had with the 270x, Camdex which motherboard did you use and did you have to update the bios to make any of those two components work?

I have a Asus Crosshair Formula 990fx. If I remember right my original bios was 17.1 which worked fine with my fx6300 and power color 270x devil. I am now running 17.3 I think "I can't remember" The R2.0 is the newest version of the Asus M5A97 LE. It should be good to go. I would still make sure the newest bios version is applied to the board. There is good youtube videos that will show you how to do this with Asus boards. Another thing with the LE version of this board is it has no VRM heatsinks so this will limit OC'ing. If you choose to OC you should be safe up to 3.8ghz - 4.0ghz. I was able to OC my fx6300 to 4.0ghz without increasing the cpu voltage. I did manage to get my fx6300 up to 5.1ghz @ 1.525v and set the highest fx6300 score on PassMark. But the Crosshair Formula board and FX Liquid Cooler made that possible....LOL.


The Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 is AM3+ socket with the 970 chipset. This fully supports the FX processors. This board does not have the best power phasing so I'm not sure how well it would run the FX 8 cores being 125 watt. But the FX 6 cores are only 95watt so your good there. The 970 chipset also fully supports PCI-E 2.0 so any 270x should work fine. I have not heard of any issues of a fx6300 not working with a 270x. Long as your using a AM3+ board you should be fine. If you could post the link where you read about these parts not working on this board I would like to check it out.

Overall the build you have listed should be good.

Camdex it was not that this parts did not work with the board it was that some of the AM3+ boards would require a bios update for the FX6300. The parts will be ordered, thanks to those that clarified my doubts about the hardware in this build.