40TB NVME on a PS5 with a 100GB/s NVIDIA Bluefield 2 DPU - NO JOKE!

Over on YouTube’s ‘UFD Tech’ out MADLAD friend Brett is working WITH NVIDIA to use their Bluefield 2 DPU to attach 40TBs of NVMEs !!! As INSANE as this sounds he has NVIDIA ON-BOARD with him in trying to make this all work!!!
Now I have nothing to do with this insane project, I’m just a fan of UFD Tech and I wanted to help get the word out and Level1Tech is the PERFECT community that would be interested in all of this (ESPECIALLY Wendel!!!)
It isn’t fully working yet but MASSIVE progress has been made, we just need to get the Mellanox side of NIVIDIA to make a couple of ‘adjustments’ to the firmware before more progress can be made. And this is where we come in. Brett is asking for the audience to help spread the word and get their attention by the community to show them that people have a g3enuine interest in making this happen. He wants tweets and shares and the like by anyone that wants to help out, and of course he is accepting donation to help offset the price of the $3000 DPU card (yea you’re reading that correctly!! HE spent THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS of his own money “just to see if it could work”- hence the MADLAD being in ALL CAPS lol)
So I’m gonna post a link to the original video that started all of this, where he get’s a RAID card to work in the m.2 slot of the PS5 (or maybe it didn’t work completely… I forget… it’s been a long road fo experimentation and I just can’t remember how everything turned out)
– So here is the start of THIS journey:

— And this video here is from today, nearly 9 months after his experiment began, where he explains the situation currently and why the experiment is currently at an impasse:

if there is ANYONE that just so happens to know how to write firmware for the NVIDIA Bluefield-2 DPU I would GREATLY appriciate a minute or two of your time lol
No more seriously, if anyone of you have any experience with this hardware then I think Brett would REALLY like get you involved with this. So if you do, and you would like help out, just leave a line or send me a message and I’ll get you in touch with the team :slight_smile:
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all you go check out his videos and follow the project because it REALLY is some good watching… you get to see the whole thought process as to how it landed on using $5000 work of professional equipment just to add some more space to a gaming console… it really is hilarious!!!
Thanks for you time and LMK what you think :slight_smile:

P.S. - PLEASE get this to Wendel, I KNOW this is something he would LOVE see and most likely get involved with if he thinks he can help. :smiley:


I wonder if the PS5 OS has a fibre channel driver in it… and you could create a SAN… 8Gb FC adapters are pretty cheap

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I have NO CLUE, it’s all detailed in the videos if you have questions… I think if you know ANYTHING about this stuff then you might be able to help them out…
I’m just the messenger

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Does PS5 support any other kind of storage other than nvme? has this guy tried using an older / simpler iscsi hba?

I’m fairly certain it doesn’t do anything but nvme… you should have a look at the videos