40GB Turns out a 1TB

Soo I was bored and my friend on FB linked me to a listing on ebay for a 40GB SATA hard drive. It was only 10 dollars, and I am pretty sure it was refurbished and heavily used, but I bought it anyway.

It came in the mail today, and I was suprised to find, a brand new 1TB Western Digital caviar black hdd. I popped it into an enclosure and did some look into it. I sent an email to the person who had put up the listing and he had told me the 40GB drive had failed, so to compensate, he sent me that hard drive which he had recieved as a promotional..something from newegg


Gratz on the Terabyte! WD Blacks are awesome drives. Nice score ;)

Nice man, gz ! :)

Now that's lucky. Congrats dude.

That was incredibly kind of the seller. I had a similar purchase on ebay once. I was building my new rig mainly buying the parts from ebay, I planned to use a 2500k. So I bought one, turned out the seller was out of stock, so he sent me a 2600k instead! This was at the release date of sandy bridge, so I received a product that was worth £100 more. I was quick to leave him positive feedback.

lol nice xD

I wish I could get this lucky, I guess the guy didn't want bad rep.

I need to start buying hardware on ebay. I always buy my hardware from newegg or TD. Although I have bought hundreds of items off ebay and I alway get what I paid for not something better. I could never be that lucky.

I'm trying to figure out who would buy a 40GB harddrive... USED... :s

But yes, nice one :)


Now that's an early Christmas gift!

those make great external drives that your not afraid of trashing


which company and harddrive model is it that has started making single platter hdds ?