400K errors on memtest and counting!

Friends computer BSOD'd and when trying to re-install windows, it fails at extracting files every time. I am currently running memtest and I have 400K errors and counting. Is it normal to get this many errors with bad RAM?

I kind of want to put his RAM in my PC and run memtest to see if I get the same errors, and vice versa. Does anyone have any other troubleshooting tips to try and solve this issue? Is it for sure the RAM that is fucked?

swap ram around test one stick at a time, only way to know for sure is to swap it out for other known good ram and retest.

So I swapped the RAM from my PC to his and windows installed fine. At that point I am pretty confident it is the RAM. I guess I should test each stick individually, especially since he wont have a working PC unless one stick is good.

Absolutely NOT normal! I call a stick bad after the first 5k errors! that's just ridiculous.

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... is this a stick of ram or is it a potato? it's junk