£400 Studying/Gaming Laptop


I want to buy my son a laptop for his studying and the games he plays. He only plays League of Legends, Minecraft and occasionally some Battlefield 3. Although he probably wont be playing Battlefield or any other graphically intensive games because we are going to buy a next-gen console. 

I know he would want to play them games at 60fps but he doesn't mind what the settings are. The main reason though is for his studying so i want the laptop to be quick and not have any slow downs when he is on the Internet and using Microsoft Office. Also the budget is very strict because he spent his money on a phone.... Never will understand the use of them. Hahaha

Thanks in advance 

Gaming on such a budget is kinda difficult. A desktop would be much easier to get good performance on. Otherwise maybe second hand?

I thought Minecraft and League of Legends are not that demanding. I know BF3 is demanding but I think a console is better for him in them games because his friends would play on a console and not on PC. It is only the PC only games he wants to play.

I have seen Lol play on HD 4000, medium settings 60fps. I dont know if the AMD equivalent is better or just as good. Talking about laptops versions not desktop.

Some of the apu's are quite good. And indeed, those aren't demanding. But yeah, BF3 is. I really like lenovo. ;)

Any recommendations? I cant seem to find any.

Where'd you wanna buy?

Anywhere with the cheapest prices. 

IM running an acer aspire 5 with a radeon 8-5557m and a radeon hd 8750. It runs everything i throw at it without to many problems


These are a tad over 400, but hey, it's lenovo ;)



These are American. I am looking for laptops in the UK. £400 pounds not dollars.

ouch, my bad :D Don't know what stores are good in the UK.

Well... you can go on amazon.co.uk or PC World. I only trust these two.

I think something with HD 4600 would be good if that is possible.

Here you go ;) http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/lenovo-g580-15-6-laptop-blue-21426632-pdt.html

So does this laptop have Intel HD 4000 or 4600? 

Have a look at this: http://www.ebuyer.com/544656-acer-aspire-e1-531-laptop-nx-m12ek-020    You can look on amazon and PC World if you want but ebuyer will give you a warranty and their support staff is actually usefull... Oh and you it will not come battered in the post like it sometimes does with amazon and PC world; they have a courier service.

What Intel HD graphics does this have? Can it run the two games specified? 


this might work

I can not remember off the top of my head but my friend has one and he plays LOL at high settings (60+ FPS) and he plays alot of source based games (L4D, GMOD ETC) and they run quite smoothly. It is not the greatest multi tasker and you will probally want to get a extra stick of RAM.

http://www.ebuyer.com/519920-acer-aspire-v5-laptop-nx-m43ek-004 This would be your best bet for gaming and school work but it is a bit more expensive.

Would this be good one? http://www.ebuyer.com/519918-acer-aspire-v5-551-laptop-nx-m43ek-003 

Just dont know if the HD 7600G can handle Minecraft and Lol. I have looked at benchmarks and the 7600G is worse than Intel HD 4000. I dont know how much worse but i know it is.

Also is the AMD quad core better than the Intel Dual core? I know in the Desktop world AMD's 8 core and Intel quad core are similar in performance so is it the same here or does AMD have the advantage?