400 euro pc build

Hi all,

I have build a few pc's for myself and some friends about 2/3 years ago, but right now i am looking for a pc build for someone i know.
Like I said the last time I did this is about 2 years ago and therefore i am not that up to date with the latest trends and wich parts to get.

Like the title says the budget is about 400 euros but a bit(like max 500) more is not that big of a problem. So what should this system be able to do:

-run windows
-run microsoft office
-being able to store some files on, like school documents, home administration and some picture's.

This should all be done fluently and without problems.
And if it would be nice if it was kind of future proof, I know future proof is not possible but a simple upgrade should extend its lifespan for over a couple of years.

What is was thinking of myself:

-a processor with onboard graphics, since gaming is not an issue.
-4 gb ram. (if it would turn out that 4 gb is not enough it is a simple upgrade anyway)
-simple case, no fancy stuff just a case that holds it together.
-ssd or hdd, i really dont know.

So if anyone would have some tips, for wich parts to use that would be really awesome.

Thanks for reading.

Here's what I'm thinking. A bit more than 400 euros. Also, this is Germany pcpp.


Thanks, its a really nice suggestion.

But what do you think. Using a normal hdd and an intel-i5, or the ssd combined with the intel i3?

For an office PC, I would definitely go with an SSD. The overall system would be noticeably snappier. Wake from sleep and boot times would be ridiculously quick.

Alright thanks!

He's/She's gonna want a bit of storage for school work, and that PSU is a tad overkill (no GPU in there, could probably get away with like a 300W).
Also, 120GB SSD should do fine for Office & windows no? Idk how big the office install is.
Windows is usually about 60-70GB.



  • 1TB WD blue because the 500GB version is only like 3 euros cheaper. (+€53.48)
  • Mobo change because ASUS & it's like (+€0.02)
  • MX100 - been reliable enough for me, got it in a laptop. (-€25.94)
  • Cheaper mATX case. (-€11.53)
  • Cheaper PSU, EVGA. (-€8.72)

Overall, €7.31 more expensive but with 4.5x more storage capacity.

A 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD setup is a good option as well. My school laptop has had a 250GB 840 Evo in it and it's just over half full. It really depends on what the user does. Some family trip pictures and word documents is a relatively small size.

Lower end H81 chipset, though.

N200 is a great case if noise is not an issue.

Went with the XFX since it's using all tier-one japanese capacitors. EVGA's 80+ takes a step down in performance as well as build quality. It's a Seasonic S12II on the inside.

Thanks for the answer, I will consider some of these changes thanks!

I have a question how do you think it compares to this prebuild system: https://www.4launch.nl/shop/product/368857/4Launch-Home---Office-PC-140-i3-4160--2-12TB--4GB/tweakers

That 2TB HDD is overkill just for school work, and neither the SSD or HDD models are specified, and both some of Kingston and Seagate's SSDs or HDDs, respectively, have bad reputations.
The CPU is only marginally better and you won't really see a difference.
That motherboard doesn't have bad reviews on partpicker, so if you switched to that, and if you're willing to spend as much as that prebuild is, you could get a much nicer smaller form factor case (Thermaltake Core V21 is nice IMO).