4-port DP KVM and Dell laptop issue

Picked up one of the 4-port DisplayPort KVM’s a few months back; had everything working pretty well… but I just got a replacement Dell laptop for a customer job: Dell Latitude 7490. Monitors are:

Primary Asus XG279Q: 2560 x 1440
Secondary Acer XB71HU: 2560 x 1440

The Dell laptop has USB-C, so I picked up an MST Hub to get dual DisplayPort output. I had a similar setup on an older Dell laptop, but it was mini-DP instead of USB-C. This new laptop is really finicky to get either external display working even after a fresh boot. Once it is working, the displays usually don’t get a signal when switching away and coming back through the KVM.

I’ve actually tried two different MST Hubs:

gofanco USBCMST2DP
StarTech MSTCDP122DP

I had intermittent issues with a Macbook Pro /w USB-C>CalDigit TS3 Plus, until the CalDigit got a firmware update. My gaming PC with an Nvidia card has been working flawlessly.

I wanted to reach out to see if there is a firmware update for the KVM? Any other suggestions to get this Dell laptop stable through the KVM?

Length of DP cable can be an issue, also have had issues with windows working on a laptop and not linux, yet another windows laptop didnt not.

I had a nightmare with a Lenovo usb c dock connected to my displayport 1.2 compliant KVM. Solved it with an upgraded thunderbolt 3 cable which seemed to clear up the signal.

The display signal is probably too weak to go through everything. One of the repeaters from the store would probably fix you up. Most USBc to dp cables are the low power variant of dp so it can be problematic with the kvm since it doesn’t have a repeater.

The repeaters should be back in stock shortly though.

You should add a notify me on restock on the store

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