4 pin Molex pins?

I need to make an adapter and was wondering where I could find the crimp on pins that go into the 4 pin Molex connector, or at least what their technical name is so that I can search for them. I've already tried doing some searches and came up empty. I know I could just buy an adapter or cut and splice the wires, but I'm poor and I don't want that ugly splice in the cable

Also, I was wondering if there was an advised limit to how many fans you should run from a single 4 pin molex connector. I always see 4, 5, and 6+ splitters all over and always wondered if that's even a good idea.

Any and all help is appreciated!


The amount of power that 10 fans draws can easily be supplied by a single fan header on your motherboard.




Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!

Rollymaster, I was talking about a 4 pin molex to multiple 3pin fan kind of connection, if that makes any difference. Like, where a ton of small gauge wires are being crimped or soldered to a single, slightly bigger wire or directly to the terminal. I guess part of me feels that once you get so many fan wires merging at that one point, then troubles might arise or maybe there wouldn't be sufficient power flow. Perhaps I'm just over-thinking the whole thing

Thanks again though!