4 Gamepad's - All Active in Linux - Only one works - Steam

Hi there! As the title reveals. I have a bit of a problem with my gamepad’s. I have stated most of the actual details in the title.


Gamepad’s Computer:

Gamepad’s Steam:

I tried to play ‘Broforce’ with my friend, when I noticed the problem.

There was something related to this on Phoronix a few weeks ago:

Noteworthy part being that the driver is only for the wired controller. There may not be proper support for other models for a while, and I don’t know if there are any work arounds. The comments section talks a bit about technical difficulties. Does Bluetooth work with multiple controllers for anything outside of Steam in Linux?

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I don’t know. I noticed that I had to start Steam in order to use the controllers in RetroArch… That was really irritating, the first time I started RA, it found all controllers including the T300RS GT wheel, but then something happened and now It is unable to register the controllers correctly. "/

I’m sure there is some RetroArch wizard out there who knows everything about controllers and finds it simple, but I could never get it to work right and have seen countless people struggle with it. I just stick to stand alone emulators or games when I can.

I have used QJoyPad to convert inputs to keyboard outputs which can be really handy, especially if certain programs seem to see the controller differently and you don’t want to have to rebind keys each time. You can save profiles and make things a bit simpler. There are several other programs like it out there that might be worth a look.