3Gamers1Cpu (TR & x399 TAICHI)

Hi I’m thinking of building a multi-headed esxi setup.
I can find alot of half old info about some problems with this and some that work, but nothing new and the most builds is with Geforce GPU and Unraid, but i have worked alot with Esxi would like to use it instead, i have tried it before with an x5640 and x58 motherboard, but it random crashed, i think it was on esxi 5.5.

I like the idea that i only have 1 case at home instead of 3, but dont wanna spend that amount of money on it if someone already knows it doesn’t work.

I’m thinking about this build:
TR 1920x
Asrock x399 TAICHI
64GB ddr4 quad ram
Amd radeon 580 (From my current pc1)
Amd radeon 480 (From my current pc2)
Amd radeon 380 (From my current pc3)

Is the Amd reset bug still a problem and is there a working workaround.

Savings isnt worth it imo , just build 3 boxes (Have seen 1600 chips go for $80 so 3 of those = cost of 1920x and 3 b350 boards is only a bit more expensive)

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Your biggest issue is going to be the USB connectivity. There’s not enough PCIe slots to add the USB cards to give to the VMs.

You COULD do 2gamers1box as there’s basically always 4 PCIe slots on ATX size boards for TR.

Also setting up the gaming VMs with ESXi is pretty painless, especially if you know your way around the web gui to begin with (get the free 6.5 ESXi download from VMware btw)

would be weird as well since you have 2 chiplets that each have access to some pcie lanes so the 3rd would be split across to different chips

This is true. Ideally you’d want to pin each VM to it’s own CPU cores as well (and ideally the cores on the same die) to get back some of the performance loss due to the hypervisor scheduler

It’s also the footprint in the office floor im thinking about making it smaller

Thats no problem 2 of the computer’s/vm’s dont need “hotswap” for usb. I will just attach the usb devices (mouse & keyboard) to the vm’s. The rest sound, usb port, and so on to my vm. And bridge the 2 lan ports to a virtual switch

I am thinking about giving the 2 other computer’s/vm’s only 4 vcpu and 24vcpu to my vm and let esxi manage the cpu distribution not going to pin the cores, for more flexibility, i know i loss some fps that way

I already have 2 esxi servers, so i am pretty much at home with esxi

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Depending on the game, don’t even bother with display out directly or USB directly - just do steam home sharing to a bunch of steam links :smiley:

I’m pretty sure it even works with non-steam games so long as you add them to your steam library.

How small of a space are you dealing with?

its not a small room i just dont like having 3 towers on the ground, and my daughter forgets all the time
switch off hers computer.

Smart power strip/outlet? Script to shut down after certain level of inactivity / time of day?