3DS Repair service?

I have a broken 3DS the original cobalt version it has the issue where if you try to turn it on after 3-5 sec it pops and turns off.

Anyone know of somewhere i i can send it to have it repaired with good reputation and takes International customers.

I have tried Replacing the bottom screen and it didn't work.

If you can find guides i can use to repair the specific issue myself that would be great too.

Sorry if this is off topic.

Thanks in advance

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Well if its turning off after a few seconds my only suggestion would be to replace the battery.
Have you tried running it off of the charger or same results?

Im pretty shure i tried running it off the charger yes but il try to reassemble it propperly again tomorrow and see if it works.

If not I know Nintendo has a repair service. No clue on the rates. Sorry about that.

Tried with a known working battery today still pops and shuts down

Only charger doesn't work either doesn't turn on with charger only also the charging indication led turns of after a few seconds.

I have seen some videos where people keep their 3ds screen closed after turning it on than gently open it slightly than it kinda works. mine pops and shuts down even with the screen completely shut.

where is the pop coming from?

if it is coming from the 3DS then it is most likely to be a short to ground

I have something similar. My 3DS turns on, but the screens don't. Battery replacement didn't fix it.

It seems like it has something to do with POST and to flush the power of the POST it uses the screens and the speakers to expel the energy of a failed POST.
So that's what creates the pop but it isn't the issue i have opened it up a couple of times trying to reposition cables but no luck yet :confused: