3ds advice

ok so i recently got a 3ds xl. i dont think i will be buying any of the actual cartridges because of the fact my mom has no car.So im hoping to just buy them off of the eshop. What size sd card would you guys(and girls) for my 3ds?

Mine is 4 GB and seems to be fine. How many games do you want to cram on it?

32 would be a good choice. they dont cost that much. 64 and 128 can be supported but need to be reformatted as fat32 i think.

The one that came with the 3ds I think is a 1 or 2GB card and I have a load of mail and about 15 games downloaded to it. I would go for the best priced card. 16gb should be plenty.

If your Mom has no car, then how did you get the 3DS in the first place?

16 to 32 GBs should do you plenty, try and find one on a good day though, pretty much SD card will work with it if it is formatted in FAT or FAT32