3d printer for under $300

I really want to get into 3d printing, but I have a really crappy budget. It must stay under $300 honestly though under $200 would be better. I am willing to buy used. What kind of reliable ones are in my budget. I understand that it will probably be slow and have low quality prints, as long as it doesn't die after a week that is ok.

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Da Vinci 3D. Install hacked Repetier firmware and you're golden.


Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer

its on daily deal @ newegg now

also seems to be 199 @ amazon

I bought a kossel Delta printer for $200AUD not long ago, in kit format. Even has heated+glass bed, has a 180mm circular bed with 280mm print height (from memory). You can find the kits on ebay, but I have a contact whom sold me mine, they requested I send anyone their way so if you can't find it for 200aud delivered then let me know.

Assuming you want a kossel delta printer (often referred to as MINI)



PS. Don't ask me why some places sell these so expensive. I assure you there not, I will put mine together within another week if your wanting to wait and see.

If you look on Aliexpress or eBay, you can find literally dozens of 3D printer assembly kits anywhere from $200 upwards. I have a Hesine i3 Mk6 that I got last November for $211 shipped. It arrived from china in just under a month and it took me 3 days to assemble without clear instructions. That's the one kicker with these factory-stamped chinese 3D printers - they're usually made of acrylic, and you have to build them almost entirely from scratch yourself. It's a good practice though - It teaches you about how they actually work. But I assembled mine and with calibration it's been printing like a champ for nearly a year. Never had any problems other than those that inevitably plague all printers at some point in their lives - clogged nozzles, poor calibration, warping, etc.

The other long-term advantage of these printers is that they're theoretically totally scalable. So you could swap out a couple of pieces and have a much larger print bed.

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