3D print a pizza?


just saw this article...

What do you think?

Interesting. Don't have a problem with eating it as long as it is affordable and delicious.

looks like everything is watered down so it will never taste better then a microwave meal

If these things were affordable, it would be the new college necessity. Microwaves would be no longer needed.

I suddenly feel relevant.

I don't think it will catch on, the food would taste horrible, you would have like packets and shit like that, we'll need to get it health certified, there would also be a lot of harsh cheimicals like Yellow 5, Disodium EDTA, and other shit like that.

Why 3D print my food? when I can eat baby food like they did in Robocop? Pizza and pasta is pretty complex, all they show on there is string cheese and cookie dough. That's like saying you can print a gun, then only 3D print in plastic.

. I'm sure it'll take at least 3-5 years for them to solve the food liquid drying up issue. Imagine moldy bread in your 3D printer line or rock salt jamming up ur printer. 

that would be pretty sweet but i'd imagine lots of stuff gumming up the extruder such as cheese and simple grains

doubt the process would be stress free as cleaning it and removing odors wouldn't be alot of fun i'd imagine...