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3D Isometric Art & Games

I found a user on Twitter (Gordon Zuchhold) making isometric 3D models:

and that reminded me of Tokyo42:

Are there any other games that use this voxel-ish 3D iosmetric style?
Or particularly interesting artwork of the same style?

That Twitter user also is working on 2D pixel art game, but that got me thinking; has anyone make a point-and-click game whose pre-rendered background is a 3D isometric seen like those above?
I think that would have the potential to be really awesome.

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Does MapleStory 2 count?

Block hood?

Transistor fits in the description you are looking for.

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Interesting, I’ve heard of Transistor, but it wasn’t coming to mind; it kind of fits though,
although to me the style is different.

Block Hood

@psycho_666 Block hood is definitely more along the lines of what I was thinking:

Maple Story 2

It’s definitely trying to have a voxel style, but to me, this is even further away from my examples and Block Hood than Transistor.


Transistor and to a greater extent, Maple Story 2, don’t have the same kind of style as Tokyo42, Block Hood, and the Gordon Zuchhold art. I can’t quite put a finger on it, but something’s missing, my initial thoughts are:

  • Camera too close to character/scene objects?
  • Perspective rather than Orthographic projection?
  • Too many textures rather than single color surfaces?
  • Minimalism?

To me the Maple Story 2 image and others I found online look empty. Which is bizarre, since Tokyo42 and the Gordon image have plenty of empty space, but there for some reason it looks more intentional. Maybe because Maple Story uses textures on flat surfaces?

Textures also diminish the hard, crisp edges of objects, which might remove some of the minimalist or pixel-art style appeal. The screen blurring/bloom effects in Transistor also disrupt the edges.

It’s funny though, to me the trees in Tokyo42 are more appealing than those in Block Hood, despite Block Hood being more “minimalist”.