3D Game Engine Repository

I've been developing this game, Beyond the Void, for awhile now. About 4 years come March. If you're interested in the history of it and how it came from the forums, you can read about it here.

Github link

The repository is being actively developed for about a month or so longer. Most of it is geared towards other people being able to learn from it. Otherwise I'd just write it in C++. I won't be developing on the repository publicly much after this coming month. If you're interested in how a somewhat tiny 3D Game Engine is developed, or have general Game Development questions, this following month is the best time to ask!

You're more than welcome to fork the project, or try and look for any issues. I'll be doing some extensive development in the following days as well as live streaming a good bit of it.

Here is the latest "real" screenshot from the last build a month or so ago. You can find more progress information on the repository!


I totally forgot to link the github.
Github link

I'll be live streaming in about 10-15 minutes from this reply. (~7:05 PM PST)
Twitch Link

Is there a guide for building from source? I don't see anything under releases.

Hey so you can just clone the repository into any IDE you want. As of current there aren't any official releases. I'll be done with the first release in a bit.

For current versions you can look at the screenshots file. However if you want to play with the code, it exists almost completely as code right now.

There is a good bit done, however there is a lot that I'm doing tonight/tomorrow.

Cloning in to an IDE is a bit beyond me. I have never done it. Couple that with being tired and it will have to wait. Thank you for the response though.

If you come over to my stream I can explain it while I write code! It's basically just downloading it and importing the code!

Stream link

I'm on my way to bed. I followed you though.

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