3D Arist, What software and why?

I wanted to start a conversation on what software 3D Artist use. Ranging from concept, modeling, animation, etc...
This would be for myself and anyone else interested in finding another software or interested in starting.
With each 'field', it requires a particular skill set to be great at. So a few questions i have is:

What is your chosen field?

What is your chosen software? Introductory Price point for software?

What is the learning curve for the software?

A brief summary of why you chose this software to work in out of the many available. One example pic of your work if available. If not that is cool.

I'll start:

3D Modeling
Sketch Up, Free (Pro $695)
Beginner Friendly
Summary: The program is beginner friendly and with practice you can create very complex objects. Sketch Up is ideally for hard lined objects. Meaning it is difficult to create natural decay, such as weathering or erosion you would find in nature (tree bark would be an example also). I say hard lined in terms of objects being made would mostly rely on a texture wrap to convey extreme detail. Instead of the object, in some cases, being detailed enough to just use a basic color palette.


- Hobby (it's been years though)
- It's free and crazy powerful
- learning curve isn't as bad as it used to be

... one of many things I did years ago

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3dsmax because its the best, and you can make anything with it.

1. Open source. Free.
2. Extremely intuitive. After all, I am using it, so UT should be pretty simple.
3. Auto UV maping, which is super helpful for making and applying textures

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Nice model.

Just going to add link to comment. :)


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Sarcasm? lol

3DS Max
Trial (Monthly $185)

Nice, I haven't heard of this.

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I am not a pro in any meaning of the word, but I am doing stuff with Wings3D... It is really really really easy to use... I may do some stuff and upload them here...

And it's free if you're a student.

Cinema4D is an alright option.

you can use it for free . . .

not only as student... just learning 3d graphics... non-commerical license is free.