3D Animation Build

Hey Everybody!

I am building a machine to run 3d renders / particle simulations with the ability to support lots of transparent materials, glass, water, plasma, etc. I also would like to support short animations (60 sec max). I need some help with what to buy.

I want to run:
Cinema 4d

In the future, I will explore VR painting / modeling - if it breaks the bank, it's not critical for this build.

I can afford around $3k - $3.5k for the tower.
I'm curious to see how much more computer I can get if I avoid BOXX and APPLE.

Well the best price to performance right now when it comes to cpu rendering grunt would probobly be the intel xeon 2670 this looks pretty good off of amazone but you might find them cheaper on ebay.

Then if you are looking for a professional grade graphics card because partical effects and things of that nature tend to use alot of gpu power this is kind of the best budget professional card.

Although you did say that your renders weren’t going to be any longer that 60 sec. so you might be able to get away with a gaming grade gpu.

You want a load of CPU power @shadowvengence22 suggestion for CPUs seems good.
GPU wise, it depends´. Allthough 8GB VRAM should be installed.