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3950x 2080ti Build and Full setup

Just felt like posting my new setup i had to move recently to help a grandparent and built this for the house since i will be there most of the time(did not want to move 6 monitors and 2 pcs). Built to be as useful to me as my 2700x 1080ti and 1950x 1080 system at my main home for editing,vms,games.streaming,media consumption and basically where i spend most of my free time. (working on a little workshop will post some stuff when that’s closer to done.(Ignore the fire marks the shitty paint and carpet that is being done in the next month or 2)
(tell me if this isnt supposed to be here or i formatted it wrong)

Gpu-asus strix 2080ti
Motherboard-Asus crosshair VIII formula x570
Ram-64gb trident z neo 3600mhz
2x2tb sabret nvme drivesx in raid 0 for boot
2x8tb western digital drives in raid 1 for bulk
Psu-1000 watt corsair rmx psu
Cooler-Deepcool castle 360
Case-Lian li 011 Dynamic xl rog
Cooler master vertical gpu mount
9 corsair ll120s
cable mod cables

Keyboard-K95 rgb platinum
Mouse-Corsair dark core rgb
Headphones-astro a50
1xAsus rog swift pg279qz
elgato stream deck
pengo hdmi grabber
occulus rift s
saitek x56 hotas
coolermaster rgb mouse mat
c920 webcam


Very nice build.

With your current fan configuration, your only intake is the vent in the red outline.


Yeah that is something that i am willing to deal with for the aesthetics of the build. Temps for everything are perfectly under control(under 75c for cpu under 70 for gpu and vrm is never above 50). I think putting a fan there would be hideous tbh.

My build is fairly similar to yours, but I’m using the 011 Dynamic (not XL), Kraken X73 as my AIO and I set the fans up as 3x side and 3 x bottom as intake, exhaust through radiator (top) and added a 80mm rear exhaust.

Pisses me off that I’m getting 86C max under 30min of 100% load on the CPU. Especially since I spent the time doing conductonaut liquid metal as the compund and it’s loud when all 10 fans ramp up.

I was having issues with temps when i was using a h150i and it turned out the pump on that was trash. Have you ruled that out? I was also having mounting pressure issues with corsairs terrible mounting solution for the am4 im not sure what the krakens use. What frequency and voltage are you running? When i first fired it up pbo was giving it crazy voltage and it was very hot even hotter than my 4.4 ghz at 1.31250 volts. Check out mobo settings and maby try reseating the cooler.

I’ll try a reseat. I wish I was at 4.4. lol

Right now I’m sitting at 4.3ghz on 1.43v. I probably should try stepping down and retesting every 5ma but I haven’t. I had instability at 4.3ghz on 1.42 (I forget it may have been 1.4206 or some odd number) and so I just jumped down the list 2 steps.

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After some playing, I’ve got it to 4.35ghz @ 1.35v (actually 1.3416v) and managed to drop temps almost 10c on the max temp of a 30min x 16 x 100% test. So, I may be able to tweak a tiny bit out, but I’ve gotten comfortable that the bulk of my problem was over-volting.

Thanks for the suggestion

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