3800x or 5700g upgrade for repaved pop os build - the best for app performance

Which is better for pop an its apps an in-conjunction with wayland ENABLED - AMD Ryzen 7 3800X or AMD Ryzen 7 5700G

my new rig is almost done an im going with a 3900x for that one but for my older rig has a re-fit in order both rigs will have a 6700xt gpu an 64gb of ram but my older rig still runs on a 2600x

which is fine for decent gaming for me but now its going to be just a mid/high ter editor rig an with some apps not having or utilizing a dedicated gpu for gpu acceleration but

could benefit from but are more cpu bound would having a apu act as a work around or just be a benefit in these areas , to be clear i didnt care as much before as i did for editing an was

more towards games that did use the gpu but now moving more towards editing an wanting a little more ump out of the rig an its apps i want to up the cpu but which is best for the purpose an fyi

my mobo is the aorus b450m which still works fine paired with a arctic freezer II 120MM AIO an all noctua industrial fans an a mobo upgrade is not in the immediate plans but a total gut will be way

later on for now its just a cpu upgrade - my specific apps i use








Luminance HDR


Art of Illusion



an will mutter benefit for enabling hybrid graphics an having a dedicated gpu

these are all apps i have an use but would i notice any decent performance boost with these apps using the 5700g over the 3800x paired with a 6700xt that has to do with the integrated graphics an not because its a 5000 series over a 3000 series

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