3770k vs 3570k

Hey Guys, 

So I'm almost finished my first build and ive left the CPU and GPU until last. I just want to know which would be a better solution for my cpu, 3770k or the 3570k?

Im planning on paring the cpu up with a EVGA GTX 780 if I can afford it. Ill only be gaming on the rig (i was going to do some video edditing / recording gameplay but im not too interested in that anymore).

Should I fork out the A$370 for the i7 or get the $100 cheaper i5 and put the saving toward the gpu?

Forum, hit me with your opinions :)

If you're not doing any editing, grab the i5.

thanks for that, is any performance hit with fps in games in the i5 v i7? or is it much the same?

Until we get to the point where more games utilize hyperthreading, there will not be a noticible difference in most cases.

At the moment only Crysis 3 use more than 4 threads

Uuuh, no? Tons of games do. Even Fallout New Vegas used used up to 6 threads, and that game is pretty old.

Grab the i5 and spend that saved money on a better cooler or motherboard to oc the shit out of it.

Btw the 4670k is only $20 more than the 3570k at PCCG at the moment. Maybe worthwhile going to haswell.


Thanks for the help guys. I just bought the i5 3570k (I already had the motherboard before the new series of chips came out, and Im not dissapointed) and a swiftech h220. I'll let you know how it all goes :)

i5 vs i7 for gaming, there is almost no difference.