3700X settings issue

I just updated my 3700X and Gigabyte X570 Gaming X to the latest drivers, F4g I believe. But it is still resetting to around 1.45v on the cpu every time I start up. It will go back to 1.35 once I enter Ryzen Master and apply profile 1, but with the default profile it resets each boot up and temps are up to 60 C idling.

What am I missing or failing to do in order to fix this permanently?

gotta do a setting change in bios/uefi for it to stick around from boot to boot and not require ryzen master.

I thought I tried that before and it wasn’t working, but that was prior to the BIOS update, ill give it a another go. Is 1.35v whats ideal now? I just dont want to damage anything over time and have not yet considered overclocking anything.

1.25-1.35 depending on how lucky you got with your silicone lotto.
start with 1.25 test for stability and move up from there. possibly down all depends on stability and how far you want the auto clocking to go.

Anything best for Ryzen testing?