3700x core issue

Hi, I purchased a 2nd hand 3700x and im having issues,

On stock settings it fails core 2 everytime, in blend and small fft

Changing vcore LLC to High it takes 4 hours to crash on prime 95 blend about the same with small fft same core every time.

This is for a unraid server so need it rock solid.

My setup has previously been used with a ryzen 1700x and 5900x with no issues.

Gigabyte x470 gaming 7
32gb 3000 ddr corsair ram
Hx750i psu

I can still return as brought from a pc parts shop with warranty, so can return it.

I would like to ask for advice before deciding.

Regards, Mike

Hmmm, if I remember correctly with Ryzen 3000 there was an early badge that had hardware defects that hadn’t anything to do with early AGESA versions like the broken RDRAND, for example.

Does anything in Windows’ Event Viewer show up regarding WHEA?

I haven’t encountered such a unit, can anybody confirm?

I think that’s enough to return it to the shop you bought it from. That shouldn’t really happen at “stock” settings (in quotation because every motherboard manufacturer seems to know better than the chip maker, for some reason).

Have you tried using OCCT or AIDA64 to see if the same happens? It could be that the insane load Prime95 puts on the system make it crash, but it would otherwise work fine in every other application imaginable. What temperatures is reaching at full load?

But still, even after all these questions and tinkering I think that CPU is not working as it should.

I knew the same and some Youtubers that upcycle or fix PCs with older Ryzen 3000 CPUs report seeing many failed ones.

OCCT failed instantly so I tried it with prime95 to get the same result.

The only way I can get it somewhat working was LLC on high but it would still crash out.

I was having weired issues when running vms, when restarting the xp vm it would crashout.

Once the LLC was appliee it did not, that was the reason i checked with occt and prime.

Never seen a issue like this with stock settings.

I’ve had way better luck with OCCT on my CPU than Prime95. So if that failed small FFTs it’s done, wouldn’t keep wasting time. Collect all the logs and return it with them attached.

More LLC, as you know, means that you’re pushing and pushing the cores until they all give up. It’s not worth. It should work at a fairly linear LLC.

Today is core two, tommorow it can be any other core or even a complete crap out by the whole CPU.