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3700x and Gigabyte x570 Gaming X


Early adopter, for better or worse. Everything is setup and working well this far, but I have one thing I cannot get set how I like yet, fan speeds and temperatures. Based on the BIOS, my CPU idle speeds are around 30-35C. But in Gigabyte’s Smart Fan 5 software, it reports idle speeds of anywhere from 48-65C, and this fluctuates very often, not staying at any particular temp. With this said, the fans are correlating, often going from 60% to 80 or even 100% use. This fan jump is over the course of MAYBE 1-2 seconds.

Frankly, this far it is annoying, and I am trying to determine if that old 20C discrepancy exists again and this is being misinterpreted. If anyone has suggestions on how to move forward I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

EDIT/UPDATE: I did a quick recording of my temps and fan speed using the Gigabyte SIV software and will attach below!